Website Link Profile – How to Check It?

Website-Link-Profile SEO

In this article, you will learn about website link profile and how to check it not only on your site, but also on competitors’ sites.

A site’s link profile is a set of all the links on a site. Often the definition used is not “website link profile” but “link mass” – it’s the same thing. Link profile is an integral part of a website, and building it is one of the main elements of SEO-promotion.

Be careful when building a link profile, because the coursers are always looking at the quality of links. Also, you can not put a lot of links from one resource – it simply will not bring the result that you expect.

Analysis of the link profile of the site is just to avoid such mistakes and build yourself a proper link mass. If you want to bring your site to the top (and you certainly do), it is essential to analyze the link mass of your competitors, who are already in the top. This is necessary in order to see how they did it, and to see the donors from which there is good traffic. With periodic analysis you will see which links are good, and which it is even better to get rid of, so as not to get a filter from search engines.

Google Webmaster Dashboard

A specially created Google toolbar for webmasters. You can see the anchors of external links, the number of pages on the site that are most frequently referenced, etc. The service is completely free.

There are many tools with which to check the link mass SEO specialist not only on your site, but also on the competitors’ site. This is necessary to take into account the mistakes of competitors in the future, and not to repeat them on your site, as well as find them something useful 🙂


One of the most popular services used by SEO-specialists and webmasters when promoting a site. The service has a number of advantages, so it is paid.


Service specializes in checking the link profile and helps to assess the quality of the link mass. It shows the parameter CF (citation Flow) and TF (Trust Flow). If CF>TF – the donor has a lot of low-quality links. When TF>CF – the donor links a little, but all of them trust and pass good weight.


Multi-service with which you can examine in detail the link profile. To see it, log in and enter the desired site in the line for analysis. Compared with the two previous services, it has the most user-friendly interface. There are paid and free versions. The tariffs are divided into private and for companies

Netpeak Checker

Free desktop program for mass analysis of sites. Collects information from many other services (Ahrefs, Serpstat, Majestick, SEMrush), which greatly saves time.


Paid service (text version available) for external link analysis. After you login and confirm the mail, you will be redirected to the working console. Here you add the desired site and on the left in the “Domain Analysis” section you will see an overview of domains.

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