Do you need a “Reviews” section on the website?

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The “Reviews” section proves that your products or services are good – because they meet customer expectations. It builds trust with users and helps them make the final choice in favor of your company.

A testimonials page can be designed in different ways. It can be:

  • screenshots from personal messages or closed groups;
  • integration of posts with feedback in social networks;
  • snippets of reviews from various resources with the ability to read the full version on a third-party site;
  • review block with a photo, position, name of the client and a link to Facebook;
  • testimonial with a link to the service and much more.

But we recommend integrating reviews from Google Maps – third-party reviews are more trustworthy. Not superfluous would be to make a section of video reviews.

It is also worth providing sections to structure the page. For example, in a digital school, divide reviews by areas of training.

You should also worry about being able to leave a review. The most common way to do this is to create a form on the site. You can also do an e-mail or messenger mailing, adding a link to the form. It’s worth thinking about integrating a star rating into the form or email that doesn’t require a verbal description.

You can encourage people to leave reviews with various gifts and giveaways. For example, run a system of bonuses for each review you leave and allow you to convert them into a specific amount for your next order. You can also have a drawing for a prize among the customers who left their feedback, or offer a discount on the next purchase for a detailed test or video feedback.

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