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The way users navigate your site gives search engines signals: whether users like it or not. These signals relate to behavioral ranking factors and affect not only the position of your site, but also the targeted actions of users.

We are working to improve the following characteristics:

  • Are users comfortable navigating the site?
  • Do search engines understand the structure of the site?
  • Are your URLs indexed?
  • Are all the landing pages on your site?
  • Are all technical parameters taken into account and is the internal link weight correctly distributed?


Content is what a user sees on the pages of your site: content, assortment, texts, visuals, images, features, reviews, etc. It is content that should create the effect of “presence” of the user in your store, center, office. And today it is the quality of your content that is the decisive factor of purchase. What we will do together with you to make the content of the site better:

  • Analyze commercial factors and look for competitive advantages
  • Study the usability of your content for users (usability), its display on different devices
  • Prepare selling text descriptions, attributes, information blocks
  • Recommend cross-selling blocks and other commercial features
  • Check whether search engine robots see the important content

External factors

Need I remind you that buying links is taboo! Today you should not only care about the quality of your link mass, but also about your online reputation and social signals to have a positive tone. To do this, we will work with you to make sure that:

  • You are discussed on forums, shared links and recommended (crowdsourcing), thus increasing the volume and quality of your link profile
  • The services of search engines know you at your best and give you high marks. This increases the trust of the audience
  • Users were motivated to write good reviews on your and other sites

Technical and Internal Optimization

Technical and internal optimization are factors that used to be key to search engine promotion. Today, they are preventative and do not guarantee high results without improving content, structure and external factors. It is important to understand that missing something important on the technical side, you can not only fail to achieve potential results, but also lose the existing ones. That’s why we will:

  • Check the desktop and mobile versions of the site for compliance with search engine requirements and W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards
  • Carry out online automated diagnostics, so that you are aware of problems and can promptly fix them
  • Keep an eye on the security of your site and user data
  • Stay abreast of search engine trends and recommend new improvements before your competitors do
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