The Principles of Promotion in “Gray” Niches

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There are niches where advertising is forbidden and competition is insane. They are called “gray niches,” and promotion in them is a special challenge.

What are gray niches? Gray niches are those in which work is not prohibited, but has legal restrictions. Such businesses include: gambling and online casinos, adult websites, sports betting, microcredit, dating sites and others. Among the main difficulties of working in these niches: the ban on advertising in search engines and aggressive competition. They are called gray as opposed to white, where services are completely legal and there are no bans.

The principles of promotion in gray niches

Slow is dead

In the gray niche, it is very important to constantly monitor the situation and react to the market at lightning speed – immediately take into account changes in the algorithm, be the first to develop a new source of traffic, try to get exclusivity. Therefore, all the processes here need to be designed in such a way that there is room for quick changes in tactics and tests of new ideas.

What usually slows down the team: poor communication and bureaucracy.

For example, if marketers don’t communicate with development, their tasks will be put off by programmers for months. You either need to clearly define the urgency of your tasks and build into the development workflow the ability to include such fast-line tallies. Or hire individual developers in the marketing department.

The simplest things produce the greatest results

In all gray niches, if it is a relatively new company, I started with the most important tool – SEO. Because this is the most accessible and high-margin source of traffic. In the early stages of work on the site, we had to register domain names, make various technical changes to the site. More often than not, the simplest things gave a huge result.

The best donors are your own

Our own donors are the highest quality. In any other donor, no matter how good, one cannot be completely sure. At the very least, sooner or later it can simply disappear for any of the reasons. But, of course, without the use of other people’s resources in the work can not do. And if you choose high-quality sites, you can perfectly dilute your controlled sites.

If you have a vulnerability, your competitors will find it

Competitors in the gray niche will use any means to drive your site under filters and knock you out of the top. This includes DDoS-attacks, spammy links, and reproduction of content stolen from you on millions of sites, especially hacked ones. Often the machinations involve legal issues as well, for example, competitors may try to take your domain away from you.

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