Do I Need Antivirus for Home UseCyber Security
Do I Need Antivirus for Home Use?
The fear of malware is great – and for good reason: malicious software that has been cunningly planted is used by computer criminals to hijack computers
Why is it important to secure your websiteCyber Security
Why is it important to secure your website?
Imagine you are on vacation and are not at home for a few weeks. In your absence, someone breaks into your apartment and makes himself at home there.
Cross-site scripting with Script GadgetsCyber Security
Cross-site scripting with Script Gadgets
Cross-site scripting (XSS) is one of the major problems of the World Wide Web. From the first public documentation in 2000 until today, XSS is one of the
steps after a Wordpress hackCyber Security
WordPress Hacked? What to Do? The Most Important Steps
Your WordPress site has been blocked – please identify and remove the injected malicious code immediately.” These or similar email notifications
MitC attacks. Secure Cloud UseCyber Security
MitC attacks. Five Tips for Secure Cloud Use
The use of cloud services has long been an integral part of the IT strategy for the majority of companies. The ability to access data anytime, anywhere
BadUSB AttacksCyber Security
BadUSB Attacks
BadUSB refers to USB devices that can execute malicious commands on a computer using a virtual keyboard, for example. These can be USB devices with modified
Data Protection in WordPressCyber Security
Data Protection in WordPress
A self-hosted version of WordPress offers the advantage that it can be configured very easily in a data protection-friendly way. With a few simple steps